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The Nye Barn provides a behind-the-scenes look at Plimoth Plantation’s Rare and Heritage Breeds Program. Here you may see historic breeds of sheep, goats and cows exhibited in a modern setting.

Plimoth Plantation’s livestock collections include Milking Devon and Kerry cattle, Arapawa and San Clemente Island goats, wild and Tamworth swine, Wiltshire Horned sheep, Dorking fowl and eastern wild turkeys. They represent the types of animals found in Plymouth Colony in the 17th century. Due to changes in agricultural practice since the 1600s, many of these animals have critically low breeding populations, and Plimoth Plantation is part of a global effort to save the genetic diversity of these endangered breeds.  

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Sheep were brought to Plymouth Colony by 1628. Then as now, sheep were valued both for their wool and for their meat.

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