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Saturday, March 16, 2013 - 8:30am to 5:00pm Opening Day for Plimoth Plantation Plimoth Plantation 137 Warren...

SeePlymouth 2 years 16 weeks ago

SCREENING: Tomorrow! @plimoth Plantation. 6pm + Q&A w/ @annemakepeace

WeStillLiveHere 2 years 16 weeks ago

8:41, Darius Coombs and Ellis Brewster join us from Plimoth Plantation to talk about "A Night of Food & Film: We...

WATDSSMN 2 years 16 weeks ago

@plimoth thanks for the follow. I enjoyed my visit with my daughter last fall.

Andruzzi63 2 years 16 weeks ago

NEWSLETTER: Busy February, #SheDocs, and @plimoth Plantation Screening

AnneMakepeace 2 years 17 weeks ago

Are you joining us at Plimoth Plantation this coming September? The early-bird registration rate ends this Friday,...

TourismCares 2 years 18 weeks ago

The Plimoth grist mill

ve6a5 2 years 25 weeks ago

History! @ Plimoth Plantation

jmlombeastie 2 years 29 weeks ago

The 5th graders are having a great #history field trip to @plimoth today, visiting Plimoth Rock, the Mayflower, and Plimoth Plantation!

BCCStoCollege 2 years 33 weeks ago

If only I could get him to do this at home. #plimothplantation #pilgrims @ Plimoth Plantation

taylorwriting 2 years 33 weeks ago

It's the Friday before Thanksgiving, and #Plimoth Plantation is packed. - @carlwbz

wbznewsradio 2 years 33 weeks ago

A big turkey at Plimoth Plantation. #wbz

carlwbz 2 years 33 weeks ago

Off to chaperone Josh and fellow 3rd graders from Mitchell Elem at Plimoth Plantation today. Should be a great day!

ShawnMasefield 2 years 33 weeks ago

Deja moo. @ Plimoth Plantation

abarbarianpov 2 years 33 weeks ago

Taking a pilgrim break...back at 430 w/ BOTH pilgrims! Ask us anything about 17th C life. @plimoth @amhistorymuseum

SIAffiliates 2 years 33 weeks ago

RT @SIAffiliates: No pumpkin pie at the 1st Thanksgiving?! Probably not bc most recipes were made w/ corn- @plimoth pilgrim Elizabeth Warren @amhistor

NewHavenMuseum 2 years 33 weeks ago

@plimoth food historian explains to visitors @amhistorymuseum what gooseberries look like. is it time for lunch yet?!

SIAffiliates 2 years 33 weeks ago

@GeekinHard @uncletypewriter @BrandeewineB I've made this several times and we had it at Plimoth Plantation Harvest Dinnner. SOOOO GOOD

InkyTwig 2 years 33 weeks ago

Just posted a photo @ Plimoth Plantation

MarcoLasalle13 2 years 33 weeks ago

A Wampanoag weetu at Plimoth Plantation

dunneteach 2 years 34 weeks ago

Going back in time. @ Plimoth Plantation

krclark7 2 years 36 weeks ago

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