Special Gift Opportunities

Support a special project at the Museum in any of the following areas:


Plimoth Cinema GoersIndie Film lovers – the future of Plimoth Cinema is calling!

Funds needed: $48,000 for a digital projection system

Plimoth Cinema, located at Plimoth Plantation, is your source for independent film. While the museum brings the 17th century to life, the Cinema brings the latest independent and foreign films to you daily in the Hornblower Visitor Center.

All over the country, small movie theaters like Plimoth Cinema are facing tremendous expense to convert to a new studio-mandated digital projection system. As a money-saving measure, major movie studios have stopped making 35mm films and mandated a switch to digital systems. We are now under pressure to make the conversion to a digital system. Without it, we cannot continue to be a theater that gives ‘small voices’ in film a space to be heard. 

Help us go digital!

Please click here to make a donation to Plimoth Cinema!



Plimoth Plantation Pilgrim costume

17th-Century English Village and Mayflower II Costuming

Funds needed: $6,000 for one season of shoes, $7,500 for one season of hats and headwear

From March to November, more than 50 Colonial role players portray many of Plymouth’s best known names on Mayflower II and at our 17th-Century English Village. Combine that with our Education Outreach programs and you can imagine the wear and tear on our handmade, reproduction period costumes and accessories.

Shoes cost approximately $110 a pair and are manufactured in England and the United States. Handmade hats cost approximately $140.


Wampanoag Child in traditional Native wardrobe, Plymouth MA  Wampanoag Homesite Costuming 

Funds needed: $9,600 for one season of wardrobe expenses 

Traditional clothing of a 17th-century Wampanoag includes a mantle, skirt or breech cloth, leggings and moccasins handmade by Plimoth Plantation Wampanoag clothing and textile artisans.

Often made from deer, moose and elk hide, as well as a variety of furs, it costs approximately $400 to dress each interpreter for the year.





Fund a Class Field Trip to visit the PilgrimsBring Plimoth Plantation to the Classroom! Fund a Field Trip

A gift of $300 provides your favorite school with an educational visit from a Colonial role player or Native interpreter

These unique educational programs offer the opportunity for a Native interpreter or Colonial role player to present a dynamic hands-on history program to a local and/or deserving school of your choice. These hour-long presentations include a teacher’s guide, the chance for students to see and hold 17th-century reproduction artifacts and to take part in various classroom activities.



For more information about these, and other special projects please call the Development Office at (508) 746-1622 ext. 8203.

Pilgrim Girl Costume

Handmade Pilgrim girl costume.

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Giving Thanks: The 1621 Harvest Feast

Sometime between September 21 and November 9, 1621, the English and the Wampanoag people shared a harvest celebration...

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