Ways to Give

And God be praised, we had a good increase.
Our harvest being gotten in our governor sent four men on fowling
that so we might after a special manner rejoice together.

  (From an eyewitness account of the First Thanksgiving, 1621)


Plimoth Plantation is Pilgrim worship Plimoth Plantation sustained by the generosity of individuals, foundations, businesses and government agencies that believe in the Museum's educational mission.

As an individual, your generosity to Plimoth Plantation can take many forms and supports many aspects of the Museum's work.

Make a gift now. Increase the impact by having your company match your gift.

You can remember Plimoth Plantation in your will, make a gift of stock or use other Planned Giving vehicles to leave a lasting legacy for the Museum.

You can direct your donation through Special Gift Opportunities or support the Museum as a whole with a gift to the Annual Fund.

Businesses may support the Museums through Corporate Sponsorship of one or more Museum activities or events.

Foundations and government organizations support Plimoth through donations or directed grants. Learn about these Supporters and Partners.

Whether you support Plimoth Plantation as an individual or through your business or foundation, please know that every gift to Plimoth Plantation is greatly appreciated and is used efficiently and effectively to sustain the Museum's programs and services. We thank you!

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