Mayflower II Virtual Passenger List


In 2013, Plimoth Plantation is issued a challenge - can we find 1 million people who care about saving the Mayflower II by the year 2020? Thank you to all who have already contributed and joined our virtual passenger list.  

You, your contribution and most importantly – your participation counts! Can we reach 1 million over the next seven years? It’s time to get on board, and save our ship!

Mayflower II Virtual Passenger List:

Susan  Abanor  
Jeremiah E. Abbott  
Jonathan  Abbott  
Marian M.  Abbott  
Mary Frances Abbott  
Archie Ackley  
Floyd Adams  
Gail  Adams In honor of her cousin, Richard Pickering
Janice Adams  
Kenneth Adams In honor of ancestors Thomas Rogers & Stephen Hopkins
James Addicott  
Jacquelyn Aevoli  
Anne Agura  
Edward Agura  
Ruth Ahrens  
Nancy Ainslie  
William Ainslie  
Cara Akridge  
John Akridge  
Lois Albert In honor of Richard Warren
Joan M. Alden  
John H.  Alden  
J. Barry Alexander In honor of Agness Bailey Alexander
Dorothy Alff  
Frederick Alger In honor of John Berry
Ida Florence Alkire  
Constance Allen  
David Allen  
Diane Allen  
Eldon Allen In memory of Glenn Odell Trogdon
Glenda Trogdon Allen In memory of Glenn Odell Trogdon
Helen Allen  
Hollie Richard Allen  
Paul Allen  
Ruth Allen  
Winfred Allen, Jr.  
George M.  Allerton In honor of Isaac Allerton
Nora Alley  
Weldon Alley  
Ralph Allison  
Brian Alosi  
Virginia Lee Alvord  
Shirley Amory  
Walter Amory  
Melanie Anchukaitis  
Bonnie    Anderson  
Diana Anderson  
Florence Anderson  
Helen Anderson  
Kathryn Anderson  
Thomas Andrews  
Marlene  Andrews-Louttit  
Eileen Andruk In honor of Miss Eva Lipton
Rosetta T. Annin In honor of Nancy Taber Annin
Jonny Antoline  
Robert Antoline  
Judith Armitstead  
Richard Armitstead  
Marion Arnold In honor of Roger, Robert, Augustus & Charles Arnold
Mary Ash  
Laura Ashkenazi  
Sandra Soule Ashley  
Susan Ashton  
Margery Atherton  
Ronald Atkins  
Sharon Atkins  
Thomas Atkins  
Lucille Atkinson  
Donna Atwood  
Michael Lee Austin  
Myron Austin In honor of Dorothy Duke Brigham
Mary  Aveni  
Penny Axelrod  
Cynthia Babbott  
Elizabeth Babcock In honor of F. Robert Langdale, Jr.
Eric Backman  
Eileen Backus  
Roger D.  Bacon In memory of John B. Bacon
David Badger  
Henry Baer  
Evelyn Baeyens  
Nancy R. Bailey  
Robert G. Bailey  
Virginia Bailey  
Cass Baker In honor of William Brewster
Horace Baker  
Joanne Baker  
Pearl Baker  
Phyllis Baker  
Priscilla Baker  
Elizabeth J. Baldarelli In honor of Clifford R. Jencks
Joanne Baldy In memory of William Bradford
Marguerite Baldy In memory of William Bradford
Marilyn Ball  
Carol Banes  
Dorothy A. Banks  
John W.  Banks  
Sharon Bannister  
John Barbagiovanni  
Stephanie  Barbagiovanni  
Judith Barber  
Barbara Barker-Kemp  
Beverly Barnes  
William Barnes  
Janice Barney In honor of Mike, Janice & Michael
Harry Barone  
Laurie Barone  
Carol L. Barr  
Merrill  Barringer  
Paul Barringer  
Catherine Barth  
Dr. Paul Coverdale Bartlett  
James Bartlett  
Edith Lillie Bartley  
Caryl Bate  
Meredith  Bates In memory of Edith L. Smith
Nathaniel B. Bates  
Peyton Bates  
Roxie Bates  
William Bates  
James Bauer  
Marilyn Bauer  
Virginia Anne H. Baxley-Brown In honor of H. Seedlick
Nancy Baxter  
Linda Bazell In memory of David C. Wilcox
John Beale  
Jean Harvie Beatty  
Bernard Beaulieu  
Meredith Beaulieu  
Judith Beers  
Thomas Beers  
Nancy Bell  
Alan Bendorf  
Debra Bendorf  
Frank M. Bennett  
Helen E. Bennett  
Katherine Bennett  
Robert Bennett  
Sheila Bennett In honor of Virginia Fuller (Putnam) Arnold
Myrle Benson  
Roberta Benson In honor of Francis Cooke
Harriet Berard  
Paul Berard  
Louise Bergeron  
Raymond Bergeron  
Barbara Bergum  
Charles Berry  
Elizabeth Berryman  
Earl Berwick  
Virginia Berwick  
Patricia  Besser  
Peter  Besser  
Rochelle Bevers  
Kathleen Bigg  
Scott Biggar  
Louis Bigliani In memory of Carolyn Butler Krementz
David Billings  
Charles Billington  
Thomas Bird  
Ana  Bishop  
Donald Bishop  
Edward  Bishop  
Ellen Bishop  
George Bishop  
Jemma Bishop  
John Bishop  
Mary Louise  Bishop  
C J Bixby  
Elizabeth Blackburn  
Michael Blackburn  
John Blackwell  
Margaret Blair In memory of David L. Narver, Jr.
E.J. Bland In honor of Sara Ann Hawes Blanton and Joseph James Blanton
Judith Bland  
G. Barry  Blankenship  
Lee Ann Blankenship  
Barbara Blauvelt In honor of Great Grandmother Louisa Duncan
Margaret Bliss  
Dorinda Bloss  
Steven P. Boal In honor of Paul L. Boal and Ruth S. Boal
Robert Boeckle In memory of Laura Elizabeth Boeckle
Joan Boehm  
William Boehme  
Belle Bohn  
Shannon Bolin (Kaye) In memory of Letitia Alica Sutton
William Bolton  
S.B. Campion Bonney  
Thomas Bott  
John M.  Bourne  
Barbara Bouton In honor of Barret Beebe Bouton
Peter Bouton In honor of Barret Beebe Bouton
Margaret Bowen  
Grace Mary Bowie  
Charles Bowser  
Catharine Boykin In honor of David Carlyle Boykin (genealogist)
Kenneth Boyles  
Moediur Boyles  
Benjamin Brackett In honor of Peter Brown
Margaret Bradburn  
W. P. Bradburn  
William Braden  
Charles Bradfield  
Lavonne Bradfield  
Allen Bradford  
Barbara Bradford     
LTC Daniel Bradford, Ret.  
Jane Bradley  
Elsie L. Brady  
Dorothy Brandenberger  
Edward Brandenberger  
H. William Brandhorst  
Robin Brandhorst  
Dorothy Braun  
Susan Brennan  
Donna Brewer  
Marilyn J. Brewer  
Warren W. Brewer  
Anne Brewster  
Benjamin Brewster  
Katharyn  Brewster  
William Brewster  
David Bricker  
Sharon Bricker  
Edith Bridges    In memory of Henrietta Hatch Bridges
Warren Bridges, Jr. In memory of Henrietta Hatch Bridges
Marcia Briggs In memory of Millie Carpenter Deverell
Margaret Briggs  
F. Gorham Brigham, Jr.  
Barbara Brim In memory of Caroline Grafia-Getty Lutz
Bonnie Brinson  
H. Dan Brinson  
Catherine Brister  
Anna Lee (Soule)  Bristol  
Christina Brodie  
Kenneth Broughton  
Virginia Broughton  
Chad Brown  
Cynthia Brown  
David Brown  
Diane  Brown  
Franklin J. Brown In honor of June Scott Battles
Gita Brown  
M. Elizabeth Brown  
Margery A. Brown  
Mary Brown  
Patricia Brown In memory of Mr. Theodore Wagg
Sandord  Brown  
Susan S.B. Brown  
Deloss Stoddard Brown, IV  
Jerold Bruce  
Charles Brush  
Claire Brush  
Alfred Buck  
Elizabeth Buck  
Mary  Bullock  
Robert Bunker  
Karen  Burbidge  
Thomas Burbidge  
Linda Burke  
Joan M. Burkhardt  
Thomas E. Burkhardt  
Betty Burnham  
David Burris  
G.H. Patrick Bursley  
Jerald Burton  
Patricia Burton  
Audrey  Buss  
Arthur Buswell  
Melissa Butka  
Elwyn Cady  
Carolyn  Cahill  
James Cahill  
Cynthia Campbell-Wolters  
S.B. Campion Wood, III In honor of Stacy BC Wood, Jr.
C. Richard Canfield  
Betty Canis In honor of Muriel Stevens Canis
Jennifer Canis In honor of Muriel Stevens Canis
Wayne Canis In honor of Muriel Stevens Canis
Carol Capomazza In honor of William Brewster and Isaac Allerton
George Cappola  
Glenna Cappola  
John Cardente  
Scott Carey  
Bruce W. Cargill  
Alice Carlson In honor of Mary Crain Cullen
Robert  Carlson In honor of Mary Crain Cullen
Jeanne Carner  
Carol Carpenter  
Carrie  Carpenter  
Joseph Carrier  
Barbara Carse  
Donald Carse  
Andrew  Carter  
John Carter In honor of Leona B. Semon
Priscilla Carter  
Sandra Carter-Duff In memory of Wendell E. Carter
Lynn Cartledge  
Carole R. Cartwritght In honor of Betty Swain Cartwright
David C. Cartwritght In honor of Betty Swain Cartwright
Robert Caulkins  
Margaret M. Cauthen  
Lindsay Cavanagh  
Peter Cavanagh  
Helen Chadwick  
John Chadwick  
Marilyn Chamber In honor of Virginia Fuller (Putnam) Arnold
Douglas Chamberlain  
John Chamberlain In honor of Peter Brown
Mary Ann Chamberlain  
Frederick Champion In honor of George Edgar Spauding
Sue Champion In honor of George Edgar Spauding
David Chapin In memory of Betty Burgess Chapin
Tamara R. Chapin  
Thomas F. Chapin  
Donald Chaplin  
C.W. Chipman In honor of Col. Guy W. Chipman
J.H. Chipman In honor of Col. Guy W. Chipman
Sylvia B. Chipman  
W.B. Chipman  
Gail Chriss  
Jacqueline Christensen  
Rosamond Christensen  
Gretchen Christophel  
Elizabeth Chrz  
James Chrz  
Mary Jane Clancy  
Patrick Clancy  
David Clapp  
Alice Clark  
Caroline Clark  
Charles Clark  
Eleanor M. Clark In honor of Mildred Wood Munsey
Joan Clark  
Richard Clark  
Robert Clark  
Bruce Clarke  
David Clarke  
Patricia Clarke  
Susan Clasen  
Jane Clayson In memory of David Clayson
James  Clayton  
Lauralee Clayton  
Robert Clemons  
Timothy Clifford In honor of Betty Hanafin
Virginia Clifford  
Michele Clifton  
Janice Cloud  
Janice Coates  
Max Coates  
Dorothy Jarman Coburn In memory of Leigh Reilley Jarman
Lydia Cochrane  
Mary Sue Coffman  
Eliot Cohen  
Marilee C.S. Cole  
Roger T. Cole  
Allen Collins  
Dale Collins  
Frances Collins  
Joyce Collins  
Lawrence  Collins  
Laura Colpus  
David Colton  
Kathleen Coltrin  
Robert Coltrin  
Angela Colvin In honor of Tina Friedmann
Donald Colvin In honor of Helen Colvin
Ellen  Colvin In honor of Helen Colvin
Billy Combs  
Lucille Combs  
Gordon F. Compton  
Cora Lynn Congdon  
Elmire Conklin  
Matthew Connell  
Michael Connell  
Sue Connell  
Nancy Cooch  
Anne Cook  
Brian Cook  
Chester Cook  
Chester Cook  
Helen Cook  
Joanne Cook  
John Cook  
Judith Cook  
Kate Cook  
Michael Hunt Cook In honor of Ethel Farrington Smith
Susan Cook In honor of Ethel Farrington Smith
James  Cooper  
Sandra  Cooper  
Jeri Corbitt  
Jim Corbitt  
Douglass  Corey  
Jo Cornish-Gerwig In honor of Louise Cornish
Kay E.  Corwin  
William G. Corwin  
Phyllis Cosman In honor of Francis E. Cosman
Betty Couch  
Nancy Courtney  
Cynthia Covell  
Phyllis Covell    
Richard Covell, Sr.  
Mary    Covington  
Randolph Covington  
Clarice Cox  
Joan Cox  
Susan Cox In honor of Betty Wieser
William Cox  
John Crandall, Jr.  
Helen Crane  
Ruth Hanold Crane  
Elaine Crapo    
Harold Crapo, Jr.  
Lynwood Crary  
Jonathan Crocker  
Allen Crolius  
Suzanne Crolius  
Donna Crone  
Wilson Crone  
Robert Cronenwett  
Judith Cronin  
Judith Cronin  
Howard Cross  
Janis M. Cross  
Mary Cross  
Christine Crossan  
Robin Crossan  
Edwin Crowell  
Mary Crowell  
Doris Culp In memory of Edith L. Smith
Jerris Cummings  
Laura Cummings  
Barbara Cupps  
Thomas Cupps  
Diane    Curll     
Vincent Curll, Jr.  
Nina Curran  
Helen Currier  
Marilyn Curtis  
Marilyn A. Cutting  
Daria Dacio  
Steven Dacio  
Ulla Dagert-Muther  
Pamela Dagrossa In memory of Ruth T. Stamps
John Dammann  
Mary  Dammann  
Dorothy Danehy In honor of Paul E. Danehy
Bruce Daniels  
Gail Daniels  
Jennifer W.  Daniels  
Albert C.  Daniels, Jr.  
John Davies  
Margery Davies  
Sherwood Davies  
Brenta Davis  
Joan Davis In honor of Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Watson
Rev. Marsha Davis  
Stanley W. Davis In honor of Eileen M. Davis
Tyler Davis  
Virginia Davis  
Judith Dawley  
Robert Dawley  
Richard Dawson  
Constance Day In honor of Lynward & Dorothy Brow
Dennis Day  
Priscilla Day  
David De Schweinitz  
Jean De Schweinitz  
David J. Dean  
John C. Dean  
Mary K. Dean  
Evelyn Dearborn  
Barbara Decius In honor of Eugene S. Allen
Kris Decourtenay  
Margi Delafield  
Pompey Delafield  
Gordon Delaney, Jr.  
Gordon Delaney, Sr.  
Donald Delay  
Martha DeMarre In memory of John Robert Cushman
Bradford Denning  
John Denver  
Huetta Derowitsch  
Julie DeSantis  
Lydia Devine  
Michael Devine  
Kathleen Devlin  
Annette Deyoung  
Barbara M. Dick  
Patricia DiCuffa  
Daniel Diehl  
Faith Diehl  
Colleen D. Dillon  
William E. Dillon  
Dorothy DiLuglia In memory of Bertha W. Anthony
Alan Dimick  
Judith Dinsmore  
Ronald Dinsmore  
Patricia B. Dockter  
Marion  Dodd  
Stephen Dodd  
Barry Domer  
Kevin Donoghue  
Martha Donoghue  
Ellie Donovan  
David Doolittle  
Douglas Dorchester In memory of son James A. Dorchester
Janice Dorchester In memory of son James A. Dorchester
James R. Doty  
Jeanette A. Doty  
Mary Douthit  
Calvin Downing  
Janet Downing  
Carol Downs  
Dorothy Drago  
Robert M. Drew  
Virgina M. Drew  
Paul Driggs  
Suzanne Driggs  
Keith Drown  
Edwin Duckworth  
Jane Duckworth  
Nancy Dudley  
Stephen Dudley  
Duane Duff, Jr. In memory of Wendell E. Carter
Dale Dukes  
Kathleen Dumas  
Mrs. David Dunaway  
Beverly Latif Duncan In memory of Elder Wm. Brewster
Mary Dunea  
Melissa Dunlap  
Ross Dunlop  
Gary Dunn  
Sylvia G. Dunn In memoriam of Ted Guild
Roberta Dunn     
William Dunn, Jr.  
Darlene Dupont In memory of Dian Danner
Lori Durham  
Lori Durnham  
Alice Duston  
David Duston  
Donald Dutson, Sr.  
John Dystrup  
Karen Eaker  
Karen  Eaker  
Benny Eaton  
Beverly Ebbecke  
George Ebbecke  
Barbara Edgar  
William Edgar  
Barbara Edward  
Arthur Edwards  
Deborah Edwards In honor of Kenneth Bradford Sampson
James Edwards  
Sharon Edwards  
Heidi Eggebroten  
Larry Eggebroten  
Robert Egleston  
George Ehrnman  
Sammy Lee Ehrnman  
Beatrice  Eichbaum  
Martha Eisenlohr  
Donna  Elbert  
Dorothy Rose Eldeen  
Bernard Elfring  
Judith Ann Elfring  
Athalia Elkins  
Richard Eller  
Betsy Elliott  
Joe Elliott  
Calvin Ellis  
Lois Ellis  
Patrick Emery  
Nancy Emmert  
Paulette Eneim  
Paulette Eneim  
Patricia Engelman  
Dianne Engren In honor of Olive White Robertson
Katherine Epler  
Robert Epler  
Charles Erickson  
Corinne Erickson  
Judith Erickson  
Robin Esterberg  
Cornelia Evans In honor of Elizabeth Taylor Evans
George Evans  
David Evans, Jr. In honor of Bettie Adams Swindell
Carroll Eve  
Paul Everett  
Sandra Everett  
L. Penfield Faber In honor of Eve Pellettiere
Marilyn Faber  
Ann Fagan  
Robert Fairchild  
Lynette Fallon  
W. Gerard Fallon, Jr.  
P. Mary Farina In honor of George C.P. Olsson
Gail Farris  
Carl  Faulkner  
Donald Faulkner  
Marilyn Faulkner  
Mary Ellen Faulkner  
Ruth Ann Fay  
Ann Ferguson  
Dorothy Ferguson  
John Ferguson  
Richard Ferguson In honor of Grace & Alice Porter and Virginia Ferguson
Roland Ferguson  
Louisa Ferguson    
Garnett Ferguson, Jr.  
Sandra Ferreira  
Charlotte Ferretti  
Arvid Fiechtner  
Barbara Fiechtner  
Connie Fields  
Mary Fietsam  
Marlene Findley  
Elizabeth Finley-Belgrad  
Harvey Finwick  
Verna Finwick  
Richard Fipphen  
Shelley Fisher  
Alice Fitzcharles  
Jennifer Flaherty  
Peter Flaherty  
Stephen Fletcher  
Arthur Flint  
Roberta Flowers  
Jay  Flynn In honor of George Soule
Karen  Flynn In honor of George Soule
Margaret Foglietta  
Julia Fort  
Herve Derek Fortin  
Jean Foss  
John Foss  
Carolyn Fossett  
Colleen Foster  
David Foster  
E. Frances Frame In memory of W.F. Soules
Janet Frame In memory of W.F. Soules
William Frame  
Wlliam Frame In memory of W.F. Soules
Barbara Francis In memory of Edith Elizabeth Blake Gaudes
Dodie Frank  
Peggy Frazier In honor of W.W. Tag Frazier
Carol Freeman In memory of Alice Talbot Bannister
Robert Freeman In memory of Alice Talbot Bannister
Karen Friedman  
Tracy Fritzsche In honor of Dorothy H. Fritzsche
Barbara Fruehwirth  
Arlene Fudali  
Michael Fudali  
Karen Fugate In honor of James Chilton & Frances Cooke
Joan Fullam  
James Fuller  
Robert S.  Fuller  
Donna Fuller Smith  
Charlotte Fultz  
Donald Fultz In honor of Ted & Ginger Fultz
Marilyn Funderburk  
Susan Funk  
Deborah Ann Gage  
Ann Gallant In honor of Annie L. Flye
Joseph Gallant In honor of Annie L. Flye
Patricia L. Gardetto   
Janet Gardiner  
Michael Garey  
Arthur Garfield  
Thereasa Gargano  
Gloria A. Garing  
Ward C.  Garing  
Beverly Garmany  
George Garmany  
Barbara Jean Garrabrants  
David Garrabrants  
Betty Garrand  
Carla Garrison  
John Ritchie Garrison  
Mary Garver  
Virginia Gaskill In honor of Albert N. Nettleton
Michael Gavrish  
Martin  Gaynor  
Pamela Gaynor  
Jennifer Robertson Geary  
Harry D. Geimeier  
Janice M. Geimeier  
Jan Genosi  
Donato Gentile  
Marianne Gentile  
Jeff Gerken  
Jennifer Gerken  
Linnea Ghilardi In honor of Priscilla Mullins
David Gibbs  
Susan Gibson  
George Giffin  
Marcia Giffin  
Gene Gilchrist In honor of Edwin Margreeder
David Gill  
Barbara J. Gillis  
Dan E. Gillis  
Candace Gills     
William Gills, III  
James Gilrein  
Carol Gisselquist In memory of Doris Binkley Marshall Weisenbarger
Bertha Glemboski In memory of Julie May Case Anderson
Edward Glemboski In memory of Julie May Case Anderson
Richard Glover  
Georgina Goetz  
Pat   Goin St. Clair  
Joan Gooding  
Natalie Goodrich In honor of Russell Wakefield Soule
Harlan Goodwin  
Ruth Goold  
Amy  Gordon In honor of Joan Latham Farewell
Douglas Gordon In honor of Joan Latham Farewell
Kenneth E. Gordon  
Susan J. Gordon  
Bradford Gorham  
Harrison Gough  
W. Victor Gould  
Joyce Goulet     
Ernest Goulet, Jr.  
David Graham  
Janet Graham  
George Granger  
Linda Grant     
John Grant, III  
Carole  Graves  
Carol Greene  
Joseph Greene  
Marilyn Cole Greene In honor of Pixel, a great dog
Howard Greenfield  
Mary Ellen Greenfield  
Gail Greenlee  
Carol Gregorio  
Don Gregory In honor of Betty Gregory
Patricia Greig  
Helene  Griffith In honor of Ninehe Abernethy Griffith
Andrew Grohe In honor of Elise Lane Grohe
Marjorie Gross  
Sylvia Grote  
Constance Gruen  
Joseph Guaraldo  
Sally Guaraldo  
Nancy S Guenther  
George Guida  
Jean Ann Guliano  
Gregory Gushee  
Carolyn Gusmer  
Diane Gustafson     
William Gustafson, Jr.  
Cynthia Haack  
Thomas Haeuser  
Walter F. Hagar, IV  
Geraldine Hagemann In honor of William Bradford
Jean   Hager  
Mary  Haggard  
Robert Haggard  
Mary R. Haggis  
Wiliam C. Haggis  
Danforth Hagler  
Vera  Hagler  
Ruth Haig  
Alan Hall  
Amy K. Hall  
Carol Hall  
Frank  Hall  
John Hall  
Patricia Hall  
Peg Hall  
Jerome Haller  
Elizabeth Halloran  
John Halloran  
Clarence Hammett  
Katherine  Hammond  
Beatrice Hanley  
Richard Hanley  
Gregg Hanold  
Kathryn Hanold  
Robert Hanold  
Sally Hanold  
Constance Hanscom  
Elizabeth Hansen  
Mark Hansen  
Donna Hanson  
Robert Hanson  
Robert Harcourt  
Claire Harden  
Monzelia Hardesty  
E.B. Hardin  
Joetta Hardin  
Lynne Hare In honor of John Goodwin
Polly Hare  
Alison Harries  
Edward Harris  
Frank Harris  
Marion Harris  
C.W. Harrison  
Lauri Harrison  
Lorraine A. Harsch  
Werner Harsch  
Nancy Hartford  
Thurston Hartford  
Melissa Haskell  
Gail Hass  
Frank  Hassell  
Marjorie Hassell  
Arthur Hatch  
Hugh Hatch  
Lorraine Hatch  
Toma Hatch  
Donald Hattin In honor of Isaac Allerton and family
Richard Hawes  
Bernard L. Hayden In honor of Pauline Ivy Sullivan
Lynne Hayden-Findlay In memory of Alex Findlay
Sandra  Hayden-Henry  
Bradley Hayes  
Gordon Hayes  
Nicole Hayes  
Nancy  Haysom  
Louisa Hayward  
Marilyn Hazelquist  
Muriel I. Heath  
Virginia Heath  
William Heath  
Elizabeth Hedges  
Kathy Heinly  
Constance Hellam  
Robert Hellam  
Frank R. Hellum  
Bette J. Helwig  
Richard P. Helwig  
Bart S. Henson  
Jane C. Henson  
Derral Herbst  
John Herdeg  
Judith Herdeg  
Nancy Herndon  
Nancy Herndon  
Alfred Herzog In honor of Henry J. Winslow and Henry D. Winslow
Katharine Herzog In honor of Henry J. Winslow and Henry D. Winslow
Margery Hetherington  
Janet Hetterly  
Donald  Higgins  
Beverly H. Hill  
Sidney W. Hill  
Wanda Hill  
Frederick Hillhouse  
Dale Hillstead  
Wilma Hillstead  
David Hines  
Rosemarie Hines  
Rose E. Hinkley  
Sterling C.  Hinkley  
Lucille Hobart  
Nedda Hobbs In memory of Winfield Scott Nickerson
Rose Marie Hobbs In memory of Winfield Scott Nickerson
Nancy K. Hobert  
Donald Hochstetler  
Jean Hochstetler  
Frances Hockens  
Sidney Hockens  
Arthur Hodges  
Betty Hodges  
Eloise Hodges  
Elaine Hodgson  
Judith Hoffman  
Becky Hoffman    
James Hoffman, III  
Joanne Hogan  
Richard Hogan  
Kathy Holba  
George Holden  
George Holden  
Sally Holden  
Sally Holden  
Barbara Hollingsworth  
Barbara Hollingsworth  
James Hollingsworth  
Kenneth Hollis  
Nancy Hollis  
Barbara Holmes  
Stephen Holmes  
Dr. Richard Holt  
Richard Holt  
Benjamin Homeyer  
Wendy Homeyer  
Joan Hopkins  
Warren Hopkins  
Alice Horn In memory of Clara C. Wootton
Jeanne Horn  
Dorothy Hornus  
Jean Horton  
Sue Hosterman, Ph.D In honor of Anne Lide McCurdy
John L. House  
Shirley House  
Irma Howard  
Rodney Howard  
Susanne Howard  
Alan Howie  
Winifred Howie  
William Hubbard  
Carolyn G. Hudson  
Edward F.  Hudson  
Geraldine Hudson  
Wells Hudson  
George Huemmrich  
Norma   Huemmrich  
Elaine Hughes In honor of William Brewster
Jack Hughes In honor of William Brewster
Bruce E. Hunt  
David Hunt  
Jacqueline Hunt In honor of John M. Hunt
Suzanne F. Hunt  
Donald Hunter  
N.C. Hunter  
Nancy Hunter In memory of Barbara Foote Vannice
Phyllis R. Hunter  
Ruby Huntley  
Iverna L. Huntsman  
Toby  Hurley  
Jeannine Inda  
NC Irrig  
WM Irrig In honor of Dorothy Lucille Caira
Alice Irving  
Frederick Irving  
Emma Ivins  
Ira Jacknis  
Jacqueline Jackson  
Marylen Jackson  
Robert Jackson  
William Jackson In honor of our Mayflower ancestors
Marilyn Jake  
Barbara James In honor of Jonathan and Clara Webster
Douglas James  
John Jamieson  
Laura Jamieson  
Lisa Jason  
M. Marc Jason  
A.C. Jay In honor of Gladys Coss Lindberg
C. L.  Jay In honor of Gladys Coss Lindberg
Lucy Jeffreys In memory of Sarah Ann Hawes Blanton & Joseph James Blanton
Margaret Jenkins  
Jessica Jennings  
Ruth Jensen In memory of William Hewitt Tarn
Steven Jensen In memory of William Hewitt Tarn
Loren Jensen-Carter In honor of Leona B. Semon
Colette Johanson  
Darrell Johanson  
Bonnie Johnson  
Carol Johnson  
Chuck Johnson  
Cordelia Johnson  
Daniel Johnson In memory of Samuel Tredwell
David Johnson  
Diana Johnson  
Donna    Johnson  
Galyland Johnson  
Ilene Johnson  
Karen  Johnson In memory of Samuel Tredwell
Kathie Johnson  
L. Palmer Johnson  
La Verda Sue Johnson In honor of Lou Gene Murphy Johnson
Marcia Johnson  
Margaret Johnson  
Rosanne Marie Johnson In memory of Mr. James E. Morrison
Sally Padon Johnson  
Shirley Johnson  
Victor Johnson  
Wayne Johnson  
Adolph Johnson, Jr  
Priscilla B. Johnston In honor of Lindsay Bradford
Burton Jones In honor of Margaret Hathaway Jones
Karen  Jones In honor of Joyce Sieglinger Rorman
Larry Jones  
Marjory Jones  
Mary    Jones In honor of Margaret Hathaway Jones
Steven Jones  
Steven Jones  
Ellen Jordan    
Carl Moore  Jordan, Jr.  
Barbara Jordanger  
Richard Jordanger  
Kristina Joyce  
Maryelle Jozwiak  
T. Jozwiak  
Curtis Peter Junker  
Carol Jutte  
Jean Kahler  
Rochelle Kainer  
Selig Kainer  
Margorie Jean Kane  
Margaret Kantner  
Doris Kapszukiewicz  
Joseph Kapszukiewicz  
Harriet A. Karkut  
Christopher Karman  
Nancy Karman  
Betty Katzer  
Marvin Katzer  
Mary  Kayhart  
Philip A. Keane  
John Keefe  
Gene Keene  
Eunice  Kehler  
Margaret Kehoe  
Caramine Kellam  
David Kelland  
Eleanor Keller  
Joseph Keller  
Patricia Keller  
Robert Keller  
Martha Kellner  
Isabelle Kellogg  
Kathleen Kellogg  
Carol Kelsey  
Lance Kelsey  
Dorothy Kelso  
Carlton Kemble  
Wallace Kemp  
David Kenny  
Gloria Kent  
Barbara Kerr  
James Kerr  
Peter Kerr  
Donna Kessler  
Judith Kidder  
H.E. Killen  
Loris B.  Killen  
Wendy King  
HW  Kinsley  
Ellen Kirby In memory of Gertrude B. Kirby
Susan Kirsch  
Edgar Kisby  
Virginia Kisby  
Janice Kleinline  
Darrell Kletke In honor of Lucy Graves Taliaferro
Marilyn Kletke In honor of Lucy Graves Taliaferro
Robert Kluin  
Jean Knapp  
Peter Knapp  
Janie Knieper In honor of Edward F. Crippen, M.D.
Sarah Knight  
Barbara Knisell  
Arlene Knodel  
Orval Knodel  
Bill Knowles  
Polly Knox In honor of Sadie Barnes Knox
Lewis Knudsen  
Tom E. Knudsen  
Bonnie Lee Kochanskyj  
Lubomir Kochanskyj  
Wallace Koel  
Charles Koopmann  
Jackalyn Koopmann  
Carol Kosicki  
Anne Krementz In memory of Carolyn Butler Krementz
Sherry Kroboth  
Walter Kroboth  
Pam    Kroetsch Marks  
Terry Krueger  
Holly Kuenn  
Stanley Kuenn  
Sharlee Kuhns In honor of Robert Kuhns
Suzanne Kuhns  
Noel Kuhrt, Jr. In honor of Sally Kuhrt Johnson
Antoinette Kuhry  
Ellen Kulik  
Mary V. Kurtz  
Margaret Kuska  
Andrew Kusmin  
Judith Kusmin  
Margie Kysela  
Norman La Force  
Barbara Lacewell  
John Lacewell  
George Ladd  
Sandra Lafond  
James Lambert  
Mary Ann Lambert In memory of James P. Lambert
Karen Lampus  
Arnold Lanckton  
Linda Lanckton  
Catherine J. Lane  
Walter J. Lane  
Robert Lane, Jr In honor of Francis Cooke 
Barbara Lang  
David Lang  
Charles Langenfeld In honor of Richard Warren
Karen Langenfeld In honor of Richard Warren
Penelope LaPrad  
Philip LaPrad  
Cynthia LaRoque In memory of William Nash and Dorothy Quimby Davis
Betty Lash  
Kevin Lash  
Sharon M. Lasker  
Nancy Laub  
Irma Lauter  
Talbert Lauter  
Dorothy Lawrence  
Robert Lawrence, IV  
Diane Lawton  






In honor of William Brewster

Kristi Ledford  
Marcia  Lee In honor of George K. Manning
Richard Leggee  
Karl Lekberg  
Carl LeMar  
Marlene LeMar  
Larry Lemaster  
Joanne Lenocker  
Donna Lenzinger  
Jerry Lenzinger  
Theresa Leonard  
Timothy Leonard  
Eva Marie Leonard     
Henry Leonard, Jr.  
Milton Leontiades  
Susan  Leontiades  
Norman Leppo  
Gloria Lesage  
Richard Lesage  
Harriet Lesher  
Donna Lewis  
Florence Lewis  
Grace Lewis  
Sandra Lewis  
Kecia Liften  
Kecia Lifton  
Tracy Daneen Light  
Alexander Lilley  
Kathryn E. Limbaugh    In honor of Penelope Adams Rogers
Rush H. Limbaugh, III In honor of Penelope Adams Rogers
Anders Lindstrom  
Christine Lindstrom  
Linda Lindstrom In honor of Margery Leaming
Bruce W. Linz  
Wendy J. Linz  
Leslie Lipschutz  
Nancy Weiss Lipschutz  
Glenda Lisle  
Richard Lisle  
Ysobel Litchfield  
Donna Liverman  
James Liverman  
James Lloyd  
Charles  Lochary In honor of Clara Henry Lochary
Janice M. Lochary In honor of Clara Henry Lochary
Elizabeth Lockard  
Robert Lockard  
Judith Longley  
Ronald Longley  
Larry  Loop In honor of Tyler Loop
Marilyn Loop In honor of Tyler Loop
Edward Lopus  
Frances Lopus  
Evelyn Lord In honor of Samuel S. Lord, Jr.
Beverly Loring In honor of Robert James Loring
Ralph   Loring In honor of Robert James Loring
Kimberly Lotto In memory of Nana & Papa: Bessie and Aaron Ostrow
Anita Lotts  
Millicent Lowrey  
Diana Lucas In honor of Robert Roberts, Paul Sample and Diana, Jessica, Richard & William Lucas
Robert Lufkin, III  
Mary  Luke  
Gail B. Lundin In memoriam of Dr. and Mrs. William E. Billingham, Jr.
Peter J. Lundin In memoriam of Dr. and Mrs. William E. Billingham, Jr.
Wendy Lyons  
Donald Mac Aulay  
Helen Mac Kenzie  
John Mac Kenzie  
James MacDonald  
Joan MacDonald  
Donna Machin  
Ellsworth   Machin, III  
Beverly MacIntosh In honor of Dallas Wylie Prugh
Linda Mackey  
Michael  Mackowski  
John Madden  
Nancy Madden  
Mary Helen Mahan    In honor of Molly Brooks Ledyard McGowgh
Nagesh Mahanthappa  
Evelyn Mahar In memory of J. H. Newman
Rebekah Malone  
Scott Malone  
Margo Maloney In honor of Dorothy Bryant Van Orden
Beth Maltzie  
Scott Maltzie  
Diane Mandeville  
Donna J. Mangiafico  
Paul G. Mangiafico  
John Manley  
Virginia Manley  
Edward Manning  
Patricia Manning  
Heywood  Mansergh  
F.E. Mansur  
J.M. Mansur  
Jean Manter  
Patricia Manuel  
Dianne Marcell  
J.M. Marcoux  
Ann Marcus  
Jerry Marcus  
Judith Maresca In memory of Mrs. Verna Davis (Fuller) Sirignano
Priscilla M. Marrah  
William Marrs  
Dudley Marsh  
James    Marsh  
Fred   Marshall In memory of Doris Binkley Marshall Weisenbarger
Sharon Marston  
Lee Martin  
Robert Martin  
Sharon Martin  
William Martin  
Gene C.  Mason  
Rachael C. Mason  
Ruth Matarazzo  
Holly Matavosky  
Richard Mather In honor of Virgina T. Mather
Zoe Mather  
Heidi Mathey  
Charlene Mathias  
Roy Mathis  
Dean  Matter  
Linda Matter  
Sara Matthews  
Thomas Matthews  
Maureen  Matylewicz  
Stephen Matylewicz  
Edmond Maurice In memory of Marilyn Eleanor Robson
Sandra  Maurice In memory of Marilyn Eleanor Robson
Gordon W. Maycumber In honor of Alfred F. Soule
Patricia H. Mayell In honor of Mary Arnold Henry
Clara M. Maynard  
Elizabeth Maynard  
Otis Maynard  
Betty Mayo  
Wayne Mayo  
Effie Mc Callum  
Eugene Mc Callum  
Heather Mc Donough  
Robert Mc Donough  
Liz Mc Lendon In memory of Roderick Andrew Mc Lendon
Carol McAdams  
Jeanne McAdams  
John McAden  
Mary McBrady  
Virginia McCambridge  
Jenny McClurg  
Rhonda McCollum-Johnson
John McCormick  
Julia McCormick  
Franklin McCoy  
Dana    McDaniel  
Joel McDaniel  
John McDaniel  
Rhoda Mae McDaniel  
Ellenor McDonald  
J. Ken McDonald  
Mary Jane McDonald  
Nancy  McDonald  
Joanne McDonough  
Virginia McEwan  
William McEwan In honor of Dr. & Mrs. Paul E. Thompson
James D. McFairland  
Jennifer McGilvray  
Clarence McGowan  
Carol L. McGraw  
Anne McGuire In honor of Clyde A. Blanchard, Ren Cushing & Muriel Cushing
Robert McGuire, Jr. In honor of Clyde A. Blanchard, Ren Cushing & Muriel Cushing
Alexander McGuirk  
Rex  McKee  
Oriana McKinnon  
James McMahon, Sr.  
Denman McNear  
Anne Meany  
Joseph Meany  
Richard Meier  
Sharon Meigs  
Craig Melder  
Barry Meltzer  
Fay Meltzer  
Ann Merlo  
Richard Merlo  
Mary Lee S. Merrill  
Stephen A. Merrill  
Dawn Merritt  
Dimaris Michalek  
Dr. G.C. Michel  
Judith Midkiff  
Joanne Miley  
John  Miley  
Ardith Miller  
Carl  Miller  
Dale Miller  
Hillary Miller  
Priscilla Miller In memory of Alexander C. Miller
Timothy Miller  
Nona Miller Lang  
Elizabeth Miner  
Tracey Miner  
Ina Mish  
Lawrence Mish  
Elizabeth P. Mitchell  
Jane K. Mitchell  
Morgan C. Mitchell  
Susan Mitrano  
Miriam Mix  
Richard Mix In honor of Billington family
Richard Mix  
Laetta Monsees In honor of Amy Gavett
Patricia Montgomery In honor of Patricia Austin Montgomery
Yara Montminy In honor of Joan and George Frobig
Richard Moody In honor of Audrey Moody
Frances Moon  
Alice Moore  
Arthur Moore  
Barbara Moore  
John I. Moore In memoriam of Estelle Clark Watson
Martina Avila Moore  
Mercy Moore  
Pamela F. Moore In memoriam of Estelle Clark Watson
Rusty Moore  
Gretchen Moran  
John Moran  
Lori Moreland  
Carolyn Morey  
Graham Morey  
Anne Morgan  
Charlotte Morgan  
Michele Morgan  
Paul Morgan  
Ronald Morgan  
Clark  Morrell  
Yvonne Morse In honor of Janet Wills
Elzabeth  Moseley  
Thomas Moseley  
Clifford Moss  
Judith Brevoort Mott  
Alan Moulton  
Janice  Moulton  
Jeremy Moyler  
Joanne Moyler  
Kenneth Mullaney  
Mary Mullaney  
Marietta Mullen  
Marylyn Mullen  
Donald Munsey  
Sandra Munsey  
Deborah Murphy  
Laura Murphy In honor of Irene Murphy
Linda Murphy  
Walter Murphy  
Carol Murray  
Kenneth Murray  
V. Gloria Murray  
Virginia Murray  
Paul Muther  
William Muttart  
John Myers In honor of our Pilgrim ancestors
Kathleen Myers In honor of our Pilgrim ancestors
John Nakamura  
Nancy Nakamura  
J. Victor  Nalley  
Virlee A. Nalley  
Mary Cevilla Nebelsick In honor of Mary Cevilla Doty Koehler
Melissa Koehler Nebelsick In honor of Mary Cevilla Doty Koehler
Paul  Neihaus  
Roberta Neihaus  
Patricia Nellis In honor of James Lewis
Carol Nelson  
Frances Nergard In memory of Amy Crehore Falcon
John Nergard In memory of Amy Crehore Falcon
Elizabeth Netuskey  
James Netuskey  
Cathryn Netzley  
Michael Newcomb  
Gerald Newman  
Donald Nichols  
Sharon Nichols  
Jean Nickerson  
Joshua Nickerson  
Karen Nickerson  
Ronald Nickerson  
F. Edward Nicolas  
Mildred Nicolas  
Elaine Nierman  
Karen Nilsen  
Mary Noble  
Ellen Nordquist  
Nelson Nordquist  
James Norris In honor of Bonnie L. Norris Family
Kathleen Norris  
Joyce    Oatman  
Patty Oatman  
Joanne O'Brien  
Richard O'Connell  
Sandi  O'Connor  
Jill Oetheimer  
Richard Oetheimer  
Mary L. Ogonowsky  
Henry Thomas O'Hara, Jr.  
Mrs. B.B. Okel  
Curtis Older  
James Olin In honor of Mrs. Kathryn E. Olin
Martha Olsen  
Walter Olsen  
Janet Olson  
Martha B.W. Olson  
Richard E. Olson  
Stephen Olson  
Aldon Olson, Jr.  
Christine O'Neill  
Janet Wyse O'Neill In honor of Clinton Schermerhorn
Robert J. O'Neill In honor of Clinton Schermerhorn
Ruth J. O'Neill  
J. Archer O'Reilly  
Ian Orr  
Patricia Orr  
Don Ort  
Donna Ort  
Donna Ortman  
Marjorie Osborn In memory of Mrs. Ruth Carr Barker
Carolyn Oster  
Clarence Oster  
Linda S. Osterhouse  
R.E. Osterhouse  
Edward Ostrowski  
Judy Ostrowski  
Linda Otis  
Diane Ozelius  
Christine Ozimkiewicz-Reser
Vivian Pacewicz In honor of Harriet Knowles
Alice J. Packard  
David H. Packard  
Patricia Packard  
Brian Palmer  
Cyrus Palmer  
Jane Palmer  
Richard Palmer  
Theodore F. Paprocki  
Wallace C. Paprocki  
Eileen Paris  
Jeffrey Parker  
Judy Parker  
Raymond Parker  
Stephen Parker  
Kay Parkhurst In honor of Mrs. Smith (Dora Kendrick)
Gary E. Parrott  
Lori-Ann Parrott  
Janice Parry  
Mary Parvis In honor of William Polk Carey
Nancy Patrucci  
Peter Patrucci  
Frances Pattarini In memory of Rose Ellen Standish & Daniel John Treiber
Deslar Patten  
Bruce Patterson In memory of Shirley Sowles Patterson
Eugene Patterson  
Kathleen Patterson  
Virginia Cooper Patterson  
Hal Pattison  
John Payzant  
Margaret Pearce  
Barbara Pearson  
Donald Peck  
Dinah Peevy  
Larry Peevy  
Leona Penn  
Milton Penn  
Alan Pense In honor of Louis Richmond Taylor
Muriel Pense In honor of Louis Richmond Taylor
Richard Pepper  
Roxelyn Pepper  
Diane Pereira  
Pedro Pereira  
Rosemary Pereira  
Rosemary  Pereira  
Michael    Perrin  
Francis A.  Perry In honor of Eva M. Perry
Joan Person  
Martin Person  
Madeline Pestana  
Patricia Allene Petersen  
Barbara Peterson  
Barry Peterson  
James Peterson  
Lucile Peterson  
Margaret Peterson  
Patricia Allene Peterson  
Richard Peterson In honor of Mrs. Helen Sherman
Bonnie Petrach  
Claudia Pettinari  
Sally Pezanko  
Eleanor Phelan  
Karen  Phelps  
Keith Phelps  
Charles E. Phifer  
Beverly     Phillips  
Francis Phillips  
Mary Phillips  
Richard Pickering  
Arleen Pierce  
James Pierce  
Joseph Piersen  
Margery Piersen  
Margery Piersen  
Maxine Piha  
Ralph   Piha  
Anna M.  Pilgrim In honor of John and Priscilla Alden
Curtis M. Pilgrim In honor of John and Priscilla Alden
Ronald  Pinkerton In honor of Sam Alvin Mithcell
Susan S.B. Pinkerton  
Patricia Pirnie  
Wendy Plank  
Susan Playfair  
Carolyn Pledger In honor of Myles Standish & John & Priscella Alden
Karen  Plumley  
Cynthia Plunkett  
John Plunkett  
Gwen Pogue  
William Pogue  
Leslie Poland In memory of Ruth T. Stamps
Betty Polk  
Patricia Pollotta In honor of the Simonson Family
David Pond  
Joy Pond  
Joan Porta  
Iris Porter In honor of Ruby Porter
Martha Porter  
Norman Porter In honor of Ruby Porter
Wanda Porter  
Julia Post  
David Potts  
Dick Powderly  
Michelle Powderly  
Joan Prentice  
Marilyn Prewett  
R. Prewett  
Carolyn Pribble  
Dorothy Price  
Leighton Price  
Lori Lyn Price  
Charlotte Prickett In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Thompson (Delaware)
James Primavera  
Yvonne Primavera  
Robert Prince  
Virginia Prince  
Benjamin Proctor  
M. Proctor  
Robert Whitaker Proctor  
Lester Pross  
Doreen Pulsinelli  
Candy  Puma  
Joyce Purcell  
Eric Quasnitschka  
Joan Quasnitschka  
Donald Quinn  
Judith Quinn  
Kenton E.  Quint, Jr.  
Elizabeth Quivey  
Beatrice S. Railing  
Patricia Rainier  
Susan Rakestraw  
David  Ralff In honor of William Brewster
Patricia  Ralff In honor of William Brewster
Helen Rand  
Vickie Randall  
David Randolph  
Susan Randolph  
Harriet McKeen Range  
Richard Range  
David Ray     
Douglas Raymond  
Ken Reardon  
John Redman  
Barbara A.  Reed  
Gayle Reed  
Peter  Reed  
Wayne V. Reed  
Nancy Hopkins Reilly  
Barbara Rennie  
Laurie Rennie  
Gerald Reser, Jr.  
Rosemary Reszel  
Daniel Reynolds  
Janet Reynolds  
Susie Reynolds  
Ferill Rice In honor of Helen A. (Moffatt) Dalton
Otis Rice In honor of Helen A. (Moffatt) Dalton
Lisa  Rich In honor of Elizabeth Lewis Rich
Elizabeth Richards  
Claire Richardson  
Elaine Richardson  
Margaret D. Ricker  
Mary Conn Ridgeway  
Nancy Riegel  
William Riegel  
Marilyn Rieker  
Robert Rieker, M.D.  
Robert Riggs In memory of George Thomas Symmonds
Marylou Ripley In honor of Dr. George L. Whiting
Katherine Ririe  
Barbara Ritter  
Philip Ritter  
Adina Roberts  
Alvis Roberts  
Rita Roberts  
William Roberts  
Constance Robinson  
Faith Robinson In honor of Lavius and Marjorie Robinson
Norman Robinson  
Raya  Robinson  
Ronald Rockwood  
Joanne Roczniak  
William Roden  
Susan  Roecker    
Frederick Roecker, III  
Brian Rogan  
Frederick Rogers  
Gail-Marie Rogers  
Josephine M.L. Rogers  
Heather Rojo  
Vincent Rojo  
Carol Romanowski  
Janet Romanski  
Connie Romero  
Joan Roney  
Kirk A. Rose  
Mary H. Rose  
Lloyd Rosenberg  
Josette Marie Ross  
Rhonda Ross  
Barbara Rossi  
Helena Rossseau  
Paul S. Rousseau  
David Rowland  
David Rowley  
Laurel  Rowley  
Frances Royce  
Joanna Rudeen  
Jon Rudeen  
Robert Runkle  
Anne Runyan  In memory of Margery Wing Sisson Runyan
S. E. Rus  
Charlotte Russell  
Ed   Russell  
Ruth Russell  
Edith Ryall    
Wallace Ryall, III  
Betsy Ryan  
Christine Ryan  
Francis Ryan  
Richard Ryan  
David Carleton Ryder  
Haleema Saber  
Elizabeth Safe  
Barbara Santos  
Edward Santos  
Sandra Sauers  
M. Raye Sawyer  
Roberta Sawyer  
Walter Sawyer  
Melanie Scalley  
Phyllis Scanlon  
W.G. Scanlon  
Marilyn Schade  
Paul Robert  Schaeffer  
Stephanie Lynn Schaeffer  
James Frank  Schauble In memory of Mrs. Charlotte W. Sayre
Frances Schauss  
Jocelyn Schermerhorn In memory of mother Hope Aldrich Newton
Georgiana Schielke In honor of George W. and Ellen Collier
Paul Schielke In honor of George W. and Ellen Collier
Lois Schlegel  
Claude Schleyer  
Janet Schleyer  
Marion  Schlinger  
Christine Schlosser In honor of Geraldine Sowle Schlosser
Michael Schmalzel  
Cindy Schmitt  
Dick Schultschik  
Ellen M.  Schultz In honor of May Hurst Schultz
John H.  Schultz In honor of May Hurst Schultz
Judith Schunot  
Anne Schwanda  
Andrea Scott  
Charles Scott  
Marcia Howay Scott  
Phyllis Scribner  
Charles Seaman  
Richard Sears  
Charles Sebrell  
Helen Sellers  
John Sellers  
Jack Sellinger  
Cydney Setzer  
Daniel Setzer  
Robert Severy In memory of Alexander Severy
Gwen Sewall  
Richard Sgarzi  
Stephen Shafer  
Virginia Shafer  
Barbara Sharp In honor of Elsie M. Baughan
Margaret L.  Shatz  
Robert W. Shatz  
Holly M. Shaw In honor of Clifford R. Jencks
Christine Sheehan  
John Sherman  
Judith Sherman  
Craig Shields  
Joyce Shiloff  
Jim Shireman  
Ethan Shogren  
Gwyneth Shopalovich  
David Shurtleff In honor of Flavel Shurtleff
Diane Shurtleff In honor of Flavel Shurtleff
Stephen Siket  
Sylvia Siket  
Ellen Silkey  
Erica Sills  
Beverly Silsbee  
Robert Silsbee  
Carolyn Simbari  
Katherine Simmons  
Ronald Simmons  
Sheila Pearce Simmons In honor of Joe C. Pearce
Harry Simons  
Margot Lee Simons  
Wilma Sinclair  
Melissa Singletary In honor of Miss Ellis Brewster
Gordon F. Sisk  
Virginia Sisk  
William Sizemore In honor of H. Dewey Fry
Mary Skates  
Donald J. Slack  
Jane L. Slack  
Lois Smail  
Robert Smail  
Christine Small In honor of Genesta Soule Small
RIchard Small In honor of Genesta Soule Small
Bradford Smart  
Barbara Smith  
Barbara Jean Smith  
Bradley Smith  
Caroline Smith  
Don Smith  
Douglas  Smith  
Dudley Smith  
Edward Smith  
Elizabeth  Smith  
Gracia G.  Smith  
Jacket Teeter Smith In honor of Robert Teeter
Kay Smith  
Leila Smith  
Leland Smith  
Margaret Ann Smith  
Marguerite Smith  
Mariechen  Smith  
Mary Ann Smith  
Myron Smith  
Paula Smith  
Richard Smith  
Robert Smith  
Susan E.  Smith  
Trevanion Smith  
William  Smith  
George S. Smith, Jr.  
Marguerite Snow  
Mary Snow  
Roger  Snow In memory of Stephen Hopkins Snow
Judith Ann Snyder  
L. Leon Snyder  
Donald Solenberger  
Susan Sollie  
Lois Sorensen  
Mary Sorensen  
Richard Sorensen  
Charles Soule  
Elna Soule     
Thomas Soule, Jr.  
Sally S. Soultaire  
Diane Southwood In honor of E.W. Latham
MaryAnn Spadoni  
Wilma Spice  
Sandra St. Martin  
Steve St. Martin  
Thomas Stadelmann  
Dean Stall  
Ruth Stall  
Lorraine Standish In honor of Renee and Linda Standish
Myles Standish  
Wayne  Staples  
Jeffrey  Stark  
Kenneth  Stark  
Virginia Stark  
Carole  Steel In honor of Francis Cooke and Stephen Hopkins
Helen Stefanka  
Jacquelyn Stefanka  
Diana Steidl In honor of John H. Putnam
Eric   Steidl In honor of John H. Putnam
Mark Stephan  
Mark Stephen   
Jean Stephenson  
Janet Stewart  
Janet  Stewart  
John Stewart  
Marion  Stewart  
Patricia Stiel  
Joan Stith  
Joseph Stith  
Betty Stivers  
John Stivers  
John Stohlmann  
Natalie Stoll  
Adelaide Stomberg In memory of George E. & Jessie A. Hallock
Raymond Stomberg In memory of George E. & Jessie A. Hallock
Anne Stouffer  
John Stratton  
James Strong In honor of Rodney R. Brosius
Laura Strong In honor of Rodney R. Brosius
M.D. Stuart  
Christine Gannat Studley  
Michael Hunt Studley  
Martha C. Stuhmer  
Cheryl Stull In memory of Mr. M. Clair Gilbert
Robert Stull In memory of Mr. M. Clair Gilbert
Brewster Sturtevant  
James Stuyniski  
Lucy Stuyniski  
Edward Sullivan  
Elizabeth  Sullivan  
Clare Swanson  
Martha A.  Swartz In honor of Alice Warren Waines
William Swett  
Bonnie Jean Swingle  
Debora Swisher  
Duane Swisher  
Mary-Alice Symmes  
Parker Symmes  
Caroline K. Tait  
Valentine Talland  
Hal Tanzman  
Joan Tassinari  
Linda Tassinari In memory of Rev. Dr. Peter J. Gomes
Richard Tassinari  
Donald  Taylor  
Kathleen Taylor  
Richard Taylor  
Suzanne Taylor In memory of Marcel Kathleen Hansen Montgomery
Marvin Taylor, Jr. In memory of William Lambert Taylor
Alice Teal  
Diane Noble Tefft  
Thomas Tefft  
Richard Terry  
John Tew  
Molly Tew  
Grace Thaler  
Thomas Thaler  
Richard Thaler, Jr.  
Bradley Thayer  
David Thayer  
Edna Thayer  
Blythe Thomas  
Joann A. Thompson  
Kelly  Thompson In honor of Myles Standish   
Lyle Thompson  
Nancy J. Thompson  
Paul R. Thompson  
Raymond Thompson  
Virginia Thompson  
David Thorpe  
Mary Thorpe  
Richard Tingblad  
Joseph Tocci  
Virginia Tocci  
Elizabeth Tomkins  
Philip Tomkins  
Roberta Tompkins In honor of Robert D. and Susan H. Tompkins
Karen  Toomey  
Christian Tootle  
Constance Tootle  
John Tornetta  
Mary Tornetta  
Janet Tornstrom  
Bradley Towne  
Susan Towne  
Sheryl Trainor  
Donna Trapnell   
George Trapnell, Jr.  
Kenneth P. Trevett In memoriam of Barbara Trevett
Cynthia Trissel In memory of Timothy Stuart Trissel
Terry Trissel In memory of Timothy Stuart Trissel
Joseph Tucci  
Marjorie Tucci  
Elizabeth R.  Tucker In memoriam of Georgia Tucker
Walter R. Tucker In memoriam of Georgia Tucker
Pearl  Tusim  
Mary Udice  
Mary  Udice  
Barry R. Ungles  
Anne M. Vadakin  
John Van Essen  
Patricia Van Hoose  
John Van Rensselaer In memory of Mary Van Rensselaer
Sharon Van Rensselaer In memory of Mary Van Rensselaer
J.E. Vanbuskirk  
June Vangampler  
Charlotte Varzi  
Charles Vautrain  
Martha Vautrain  
Linda Veiga  
Maurice Veiga  
Marilyn Vetrane     
David Vetrane, Jr  
Fiona Vidal-White  
Robert A. Vincent In honor of Susan S. Vincent
Olive E. Vinzant In honor of Joy Fitch Eatson
Joan Virtz  
Eleanor Voigt  
William Voigt  
Dorothy Volo  
James Volo  
Judy von Seldeneck  
Nancy Vosper  
William Vosper  
Sandra Vulz In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Strachan
Muriel Wachlin  
Robert Wadleigh In honor of Dr. H.C. Wadleigh
George Wadsworth In memory of Carol City
Joan Wadsworth In memory of Carol City
Linda Wakeman  
Sam Wakeman  
Elizabeth Walk     
Barbara Walker In memory of my sister, Patricia A. Jorgenson
June Walker  
Robert Walker  
Kathleen Wall  
Ronald Wallace  
Joan Walther  
Laura Waltz  
Madge Warner  
Nancy Warner  
Jill Warren  
Judith Warren  
Pamela Warren In memory of Macy, Luther, Fox and Warren ancestors
Mark Washburn  
Jane   Waterhouse  
Kathleen Waters  
Joy Watkins  
Ruth Watkins  
Kenneth Michael Watkis In honor of Capt. Miles Standish and Elder William Brewster
Barbara Watson In honor of Carl R. Daugherty
Col. Robert Watson  
Dennis Watson  
Douglas Watson  
Eleanor Watson  
Elizabeth Watson  
Margaret Watson  
Rebecca Watson  
Janice Wattnem  
Lt. Col. Erik Weaver  
Marianne Weaver  
Sylvia Webb In memory of Raymond A. Webb
Charlotte Webber  
David Webber  
David Webber  
Carol Weber  
Joseph Weber  
Victor Weber, Jr.  
Barry Webster  
Arline Wedge  
Jennifer Wedge  
Ralph   Wedge  
Barbara A. Weed  
Ralph D.  Weed  
Theresa Weems  
Leo Weidner  
Shirley Weidner  
Florence Weiss  
Larry Weiss In honor of Aaron A. Weiss
Ruth Weiss In honor of Aaron A. Weiss
Danae Welch  
Janalee Welch  
John Welch  
LTCOL Guy F.  Weld, USAF Ret.  
Elizabeth Werner  
Anne West  
Susan West  
Susanne West In honor of Dick West
Thomas West  
Jeanne Westcott  
D. Bradford Wetherell  
Frances Wetherell  
Charles Wharton  
Alicia S. Whitaker  
Robert Whitaker  
Joseph C. Whitaker III  
Ann White  
Robert W. White  
William White  
Glenn L. Whitecotten  
Grace Young Whitecotten  
Cornelia Whiting  
Gordon Whiting  
Marina V. Whitman  
Robert Whitman  
Barbara Wideman  
Daniel Wiechmann  
Judith Wiechmann  
Collier Wiese  
Mrs. Richard Wilborn  
Wayne Wilcox  
Erin Wilhelm  
Moneta Wilkins  
Barbara Willard Foss  
Jean Willard Foss  
Stephen Willard Foss In memory of Mr. and Mrs. Walter F. Hopkins
Lois Willerford  
Theodore Willerford  
Thomas Willerford  
Avery  Williams  
Donald E. Williams  
Donna L. Williams  
Doris Williams  
E.S. Williams  
J.B. Williams  
Joyce Kschinka Williams In honor of Priscilla L. Kschinka
Nancy Williams  
Nancy Williams  
R. Duane Williams  
Steven Williams  
Steven Williams  
Betty Williamson    
Frank  Williamson, Jr.  
Robert Wills  
Babrara Wilson  
Brooks Wilson In honor of Nelly Vilas White Wilson
Charles Wilson In memory of Fanny Doty Given
Raymer Wilson  
Rebecca Wilson In memory of Fanny Doty Given
Rosemary Wilson  
William Wilson  
D. Myles Winbigler  
Diana Winburn  
Pamela Wing  
Robert Wing  
Thomas Winningham  
Alice Winslow  
Henry    Winslow  
Priscilla Winter  
Marian   Withington In memory of Charles Coolidge Withington
Richard Withington  
Jerrold Wohlfarth  
Norman Wohlfarth  
Michael  Wohlust  
Nancy Wohlust  
Linda Wolohan  
Margaret Wonser In honor of E. Nathaniel Morang
Leon Wood  
Pamela Wood  
Sally Wood  
S.B. Campion Wood III  
Debra Woodman  
Paul Woodruff  
Rebecca Woodruff  
Shirley Woodward  
Harold Woolley  
Milton Wrath In memory of Mrs. Ellen Perkins Wrath
Donald Wright  
Jean Wright In honor of Leroy Gould
Julie Wright  
Albert Wright, III  
Libby  Wrona  
Paul Wuest  
Susan Wuest  
Robert L. Wyman  
Keith Yancey  
John H.  Yates  
Barbara J. Yohanan In memoriam of Margaret Green Wesley
Barbara Yonck  
Richard Yonck  
Douglas  York  
Sally A. York  
Bernon Young  
Bette Young  
Burton Young  
Clayton Young  
Nellie Young  
Stephen Young  
Fred   Zahn  
Reilly Zahn  
Peg Zahn-Petrelli  
Eleanor Zeff  
Francis Zelinko  
Susan Zelinko  
Elizabeth L.  Zib  
Katherine Shelden Ziegler  
Elaine Zimmer  
Anna Zweifel  
American Compliance Services LLC  
Bank of America    
Capt. John Boats    
Constance Hopkins Colony of MF Descendants in Maine
Ellsworth Ford Associates LLC In honor of Arnold Ryder
Felicia Fund    
Framingham State University  
General Society of Mayflower Descendants
Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants
Mayflower Books    
Mount Hood Colony of the Oregon Mayflower Society
Myles Standish Colony Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of Florida
Nix's Plymouth    
Oklahama Society of Mayflower Descendants
Society of Mayflower Descendants in the Commonwealth of Virginia
Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of Florida
Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of New Jersey
Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of Oregon
Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of Tennessee
St. Joseph Catholic School Pre-K in Bradenton, FL
The Lindsey's - Irish Music  
The Pilgrim John Howland Society  
The Thomas Rogers Society  
Wells Fargo    
Wrightson Ramsing Foundation  

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