Come Aboard! Help Us Preserve A National Treasure.

Save Our Ship! Support Mayflower II


Now is the time to make history.

Be a part of the Mayflower II Preservation Project to restore this iconic ship to her full glory - ready to sail into the spotlight of the 400th commemoration of America's founding story.

Although the original Mayflower no longer exists, Plimoth Plantation's full-scale reproduction, Mayflower II, was built in 1957 using carefully researched methods of construction and materials and istrue to the look, the size and the spirit of the original ship. Since that time, and estimated 25 million people have stepped aboard and imagined the Pilgrims' experience on that historic crossing in 1620.

Today, visitors to the ship sense the perils and methods of maritime travel of the time, observe the tools of 17th century navigation, and are reminded of their own ancestors who may have made similar voyages to the United States.

The challenges of preserving a 60-year-old wooden vessel are compounded by the visits of several hundred thousand guests each year. The very fabric of a wooden vessel is prone to decay. Once-stout oak framing eventually succumbs to rot and must be replaced. Organic hemp rigging cannot forever resist the harsh effects of sun and rain. Linen canvas sails, stored safely away when not in use, must be protected from the corrosive effect of mold and mildew.

With the help of our community, supporters, donors, and sponsors, Plimoth Plantation must now ensure that Mayflower II can continue to fulfill her educational mission and serve as a floating classroom for many years to come. She must undergo a complete restoration, a journey that will find her in dry dock with our exceptional partners at Mystic Seaport's Henry B. duPont Preservation Shipyard for more than two years. Their skilled shipwrights and our maritime artisans will restore the ship according to the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Historic Vessel Presevation Projects.

We cannot fund the ship's restoration alone. To complete the restoration, plus a maintenance reserve fund, will be an investment of $12 million total. Through generous donations, grants, and fundraising we are looking forward to keeping Mayflower II sailing into the future. We need YOUR help and appreciate every contribution. Thank you to the many friends who have already supported our progress to date.

To learn how you can help with this exciting project, please contact Plimoth Plantation's Development Office at (508) 746-1622, ext. 8203.

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