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Become a Community Partner of Plimoth Plantation

Great things happen when your business collaborates with Plimoth Plantation! 

Community Partners is a program for businesses that not only offers advertising opportunities and other benefits, but also supports the Museum’s educational mission. This exciting program provides similar benefits and opportunities as Corporate Membership, but it has been tailored to meet businesses’ needs for advertising and interacting with the community.  

By joining Community Partners, your business will support Plimoth Plantation’s educational mission, including providing hands-on learning experiences for thousands of schoolchildren each year, in addition to receiving enhanced advertising opportunities and other benefits.

As one of America’s most historically and culturally significant museums, Plimoth Plantation is a cultural hub of the Plymouth area. Each year, approximately 345,000 visitors explore the 17th century in addition to moviegoers who attend Plimoth Cinema showings of independent films. A dynamic and living museum, Plimoth Plantation encourages a new level of understanding between historic events and modern America through its exhibits, live interpreters and historic settings.

Why Support Plimoth Plantation? 

Community Value: Support for the Museum means supporting an organization that makes a positive difference in people’s lives in our community and around the world.

Economic Value: The Museum is the mainstay and anchor in Plymouth’s vital tourism economy; an investment in Plimoth Plantation is an investment in Plymouth and in Massachusetts.

Educational Value: Through immersive, hands-on learning opportunities, Plimoth teaches people of all ages not only about the past, but also about themselves and their world.

Intrinsic Value: Plimoth Plantation tells the powerful story of America’s beginning; the Museum is a national treasure.

Visit us!

Experience what the Museum is all about and discover what a philanthropic investment in Plimoth Plantation can do for our region, our local economy, for the enjoyment of countless visitors and most important – for your children and grandchildren’s education and cultural literacy.  Help us create a “future for the past.”

For more information or to become a Community Partner, please contact the the Development Office by calling (508) 746-1622 x8221. Download our Community Partners brochure.