Walking & Sitting

Your stroll through history in the Wampanoag Homesite and English Village will include walking on unpaved paths. Depending on what routes you choose to take throughout the campus, you could walk up to a mile. Site maps highlighting the most accessible routes are available by request at the museum. Native Woman Plimoth Plantation

At Mayflower II, you will be walking on decks that can be slippery in wet weather. Additionally, Mayflower II has stairways and gangways. Mayflower II is not accessible to wheelchairs. Please see our Parking and Accessibility page for details.

To be comfortable throughout our historical sites, we strongly suggest that our guests wear walking shoes, drink plenty of water, and protect themselves and their children from the sun.

There are benches along the pathways where you can rest. Inside the houses in the Village and the Homesite you may also sit and rest on the chairs and benches. Mayflower II has places to sit, both onboard and within the dockside exhibit area.

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