Safety & Security

Pilgrim men prepare a Colonial Muster at Plimoth Plantation's 17th-Century English Village

We care about our guests and want to ensure an enjoyable and safe visit for everyone. Please follow these helpful guidelines.


  • We are a large living history site with indoor and outdoor exhibits so please keep children in your party with an adult at all times as it is easy to wander off and become separated.
  • Before you start out, choose a designated spot to meet up if you should become separated. Tell children the name of that spot so if they can't find it themselves they can tell a staff member "My parents said meet at the...."
  • All of our cattle are more than happy to have their pictures taken but are not used to being petted. They have horns, teeth and may move very quickly if touched so please visit our cows and goats with your eyes and cameras but not your hands. They don’t know their own strength.
  • In the outdoor sites there are all the daily tools used by our Colonial and Wampanoag staff that include fire, saws, knives and mallets. Please use caution when moving about these areas.