17th-Century Harvest Served Dinner

Step back almost 400 years to enjoy mirth and good company, with hosts from the past and a deliciously authentic Bill of Fare. Our menus have been carefully selected to reflect the English cuisine of the early 17th century. Tables are set with pewter and woodenware, and strewn with fresh herbs. Your dinner will be hosted by Pilgrim interpreters dressed in costume, who speak in the dialect of the period. Entertainers will delight your guests at the Harvest Feast with songs and ballads of the time.


First course

Cheate Bread and Sweet Butter
Sallet of Herb
Mussels Seeth'd with Parsley and Beer
Dish of Turkey, Sauc’d
Pottage of Cabbage, Leeks and Onions
Sweet Pudding of Native Corn

Second course

Stewed Pompion
Chine of Pork, Roast’d
Fricassee of Fish

Final course

17th-century Cheesecake
Charger of Holland Cheese and Fruit


Prices are subject to change.  All food and beverage is subject to a 20% administrative fee and applicable state and local tax. The administrative fee does not represent a tip or service charge paid directly to wait staff, employees or bartenders; but is a charge to cover our operational costs and no additional gratuity is required

Minimum of 40 guests; Period hosts and entertainers are available for an additional charge.