Tips For Your Visit

Plimoth Plantation school group

Please note that you are responsible for your students and their behavior.

Please keep the group together with you at all times. Unescorted students/children are not allowed in the exhibits, retail shops or on the grounds. Please monitor their behavior when they are talking with Museum staff and encourage them to read signs as they enter the exhibits. This is especially important at the Native Wampanoag Homesite. Many students/children are unaware that behavior like using war whoops or saying “How!” can be considered disrespectful by many Native people.
In order to help prepare your chaperones, please see our Chaperone Guide.

Parents who have followed the bus to the Museum MUST park their vehicles in the upper parking lot. The lower parking lot is reserved for buses and handicap parking only. Please carpool whenever possible. Click here for directions to the museum.

On arrival, the group leader should check-in with our Guest Service staff. Please have ready the actual number of people in your group, students/children, teachers with school credentials, and chaperones. The final cost will depend on the actual number of students/children and adults who visit. At Plimoth Plantation, we ask that the students remain on the bus until the group leader has returned to the bus. Your group will then line up on the walkway into the Visitor Center. Please stay to the left to allow room for other people to walk. Guest Services will bring your group into the Museum when there is availability in the theatre to view the orientation film.

At Mayflower II students should accompany the group leader to the Museum entrance.

We do not require a deposit for admission. Payment is required in full on arrival unless prior billing arrangements have been approved. You may pay by school check, school purchase order, scout check, major credit card, or cash.  If paying by check please make check payable to Plimoth Plantation Inc. One payment is required for the entire group, including extra adults. If paying in cash, please collect money in advance. Please no coins or small bills, as counting will slow down the transaction. In case of overpayment, refunds are issued at the end of each month, and will be mailed to the customer name and address on the group reservation. 

Bathrooms are located in the Peabody Pavilion, adjacent to the bus parking lot. We ask that you use these bathrooms before entering the Henry Hornblower Visitor Center.  Bathrooms are also available in the Craft Center, located outside the 17th-century English Village and in the Visitor Center as you return from the outdoor exhibits sites, near Patuxet Café and the Museum Shops.  At Mayflower II there are restrooms at Pilgrim Memorial State Park.

Bag Lunches
Your group is welcome to eat their lunch at the Peabody Pavilion located adjacent to the bus parking lot, where there are picnic tables. You may also eat on the grass areas outside the Museum, based on availability.  We do not reserve facilities for bag lunches. If Peabody Pavilion is not available, or if it is rainy or cold weather, we recommend that your bus remain on site for the students/children to eat their lunch. Bag lunches are not allowed to be consumed inside the Visitor Center.

Food Service
There are several dining options available at our Museum . We offer exclusive and entertaining catered events, perfect for small or large gatherings, that suit everyone’s taste and include modern favorites or historically inspired menu offerings.  You may also visit Patuxet Café located in the Visitor Center.

For the best experience, group leaders with special needs should contact the Group Sales Office by calling 508-746-1622 ext. 8358, prior to arrival.  You may also view our Guide to Access for more information.


  • You will see rare breed animals: please do not touch, feed or tease the animals, or chase the chickens.
  • Students/Children are allowed to handle and examine objects, as long as they are carefully supervised.
  • Help us keep the modern world at bay by limiting cell phone calls. But do feel free to take pictures or make video/audio recordings during your visit. Your pictures and recordings are intended for personal keepsakes only. If you would like to use these images for commercial purposes or in publications, please contact Plimoth Plantation’s PR Manager to obtain written permission: or 508-746-1622 x8206
  • Please do not smoke, drink or eat in the exhibit areas.

Lost Objects
Lost and found is located at the front desk of Plimoth Plantation and Mayflower II. You may contact them at 508-746-1622 ext. 8609.

In case of an Emergency
Should an emergency arise, notify the nearest staff member, even if they are in costume.

Inclement Weather
Plimoth Plantation rarely closes because of weather.  We suggest that you dress comfortably for the weather conditions. If your school is cancelled, please send us a message at and we will work with you to reschedule your trip.We do not schedule rain dates.

Preparing Students
For tips and techniques on preparing your students, please see our Field Trip Materials.

And finally,
have fun and learn something old with us today!  Motivate students and children to think like historians by seeking many sources of information. Read signs, observe surroundings, and examine objects. Encourage your young explorers to interview Native staff and costumed role players depicting the original settlers of Plimoth Colony.

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