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Pilgrim man entertains a classroom during an outreach program

Do you live outside New England? Is the distance from your school to Plymouth too far for your students to travel for a Field Trip?  Why not invite Plimoth Plantation to come to you for a Long-Distance Classroom Visit? (Long-distance programs are for school visits which would require travel by air, or exceed a three-hour drive from Plymouth, MA.) 

Regardless of how far away your school is, Plimoth Plantation’s Education Department can visit your classroom! We've traveled as far as California, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Alaska; we'd love to visit you, too. During the visit the Museum teacher will provide a one-hour program per classroom with either a Colonial or Wampanoag (Native) focus. Appropriate programs are available for students Pre-K through Grade 12.

Many schools are able to make these educational programs very reasonable by inviting other local schools to sponsor a day of visits to their school. This enables you to share the transportation costs.

If you have questions or would like to discuss dates for programs in your area, please call the Program Services Manager at (508) 503-2653, email us at groupsales@plimoth.org, or make an online reservation request.    

Classroom Visit Program Options

Pilgrim Classroom Program: Life in 1627 Plymouth Colony

Pre-K and Kindergarten, Grades 1-12

Learn about 1627 Plimoth Plantation from an actual Pilgrim in your classroom! Our Museum teacher will portray an actual resident of 1627 Plimoth Colony, using the person’s life story to frame the one-hour program. For that hour, the year will be 1627 and your Museum teacher will speak with a regional, English dialect of the 17th century, wearing accurate reproduction clothing.

Using reproduction artifacts to enhance your classroom’s experience, your visitor will share the Pilgrim story, from hiring the Mayflower in England, through the journey and the first winter, to Thanksgiving in Plymouth. As a highlight of the program, two children will be invited to try on Colonial children's clothing! A teacher's booklet is provided.

Massachusetts History and Social Science Frameworks: Pre-k-K.1, Pre-k-K.8, 1.5, 1.9, 2.7, 2.8, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.12, 4.14, 4.15, 5.6, 5.9. 

Wampanoag (Native) Classroom Program: People of the East

Grades 1-12
Learn about the daily life of the Wampanoag in the 17th century, as well as their current lives and communities. In this one-hour in-depth program, students will gain an understanding of the connection the Wampanoag and other Native People have to Mother Earth, their seasonal way of life, and their respect for all living beings.

Our Native American Museum teachers show a PowerPoint presentation filled with colorful photographs from Plimoth Plantation’s Wampanoag Homesite and pass around reproduction artifacts such as wooden bowls and spoons, animal furs, and tools. Museum teachers do not wear deerskin regalia or role play. They wear modern clothing and speak from a modern perspective so that they can discuss the story of their people in both the past and the present. A teacher's booklet is provided.

Necessary Equipment: LCD projector or a television that can be hooked up to our DVD player.

Massachusetts History and Social Science Frameworks: 1.6, 1.8, 3.2, 4.11, 4.15, 5.6.

Pre-K and Kindergarten
During this 45-minute program, a Native Museum teacher will read traditional Wampanoag/Eastern stories that have been passed down for generations. Students will also have the chance to learn about and pass around reproduction artifacts and animal furs.

Massachusetts History and Social Science Frameworks: Pre-k-K.1, Pre-k-K.8.

For more information, or to reserve a program, call us at (508) 746-1622 ext. 8359, email us at groupsales@plimoth.org, or make an online reservation request.    

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Virtual Field Trips to Plimoth Plantation!

Can't travel to us? We can visit you via the web! Using two-way interactive videoconferencing, students will be able to fully visit with Plimoth Plantation staff during engaging, informational and interactive hour-long virtual field trips. Your students can talk with a Wampanoag (Native) Museum teacher, chat with a Pilgrim, or learn all about the history of Thanksgiving. For schools outside Southern New England only. To receive updates on this program, sign up for our Education Mailing List

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