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Spend Your Vacation in the 17th Century!


Go Behind the Scenes at Plimoth Plantation this February and discover what it means to be a “jack of all trades.”

Work alongside Plimoth Plantation’s artisans and learn their tricks and trades. Choose from ten different activities; collect experiences and track your progress with sticker books and online badges. The more activities you try, the closer you are to being a February Vacation Master.





The Plimoth Grist Mill will be also open Saturday February 14th - Saturday February 21st from 9:00am-5:00pm. Learn how the Pilgrims harnessed the power of nature to grind corn into flour and sampe. Experiment with water power, sift corn and tie miller’s knots. Explore simple machines and dig deep into the science of grain, from kernel to cornmeal in the hands-on Discovery Room!


For more information and to register online visit or call (508) 746-1622 ext.8359.


Workshops begin at 10:00am and 2:00pm every day!


Single program: $5 ($4 for members)

5 programs combo: $22 ($17.50 for members)

10 programs combo:  $40 ($32 for members)





February Vacation Program Schedule



Monday, February 16th


10:00am ** CANCELED** A “Jack of all Trades”

Start your adventure at the beginning, (it’s a very good place to start)! Being a successful husbandman or housewife in 17th-century New England meant mastering a lot of different tricks and trades. Find out what it means to be a “jack of all trades!” Meet a young English family and help them out with their everyday work around the farm. 


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2:00pm ** CANCELED** Soldiering On! or Physic in the Front Yard

Back home in England, professional soldiers like Miles Standish defended the country from foreign enemies. In Plymouth, it was fathers and sons who made up the colonial militia. Fall into line with Captain Standish and discover what it takes to protect the town! Want to stay inside? Practice the art of healing with herbs and other natural remedies.


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Tuesday, February 17th


            10:00am Bake and Take with Tani Mauriello

Have you ever enjoyed bread fresh from the oven? Now`s your chance! Join our Master Baker, Tani Mauriello, and the Plimoth Bread Company for a delicious, hands-on, kid-friendly morning in the bakery.


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2:00pm Mad Science at the Mill

We`ve turned the Plimoth Grist Mill in a mad scientist’s laboratory so we can explore the wonders of corn! Make recycled plastic and play-clay from corn; uncover the mind-bending properties of Gack!, and so much more… Dress for mess!


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Wednesday, February 18th


10:00am and 2:00pm Building the 17th Century

Building a new town meant a housewright (carpenter) like Francis Eaton was in high demand. Join Plimoth Plantation’s artisan team for the day! Try your hands at different carpentry tools and help us get our Historical Built Landscapes ready for the new year.


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Thursday, February 19th


10:00am Bake and Take

Have you ever enjoyed bread fresh from the oven? Now`s your chance! Join our Master Baker, Tani Mauriello, and the Plimoth Bread Company for a delicious, kid-friendly morning in the bakery.


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2:00pm Creation Station at the Mill

It’s “a-maizing” the things you can do with corn! Weave it, dye it, bundle it, string it … get inspired to make corn a regular decorative addition to your home.


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Friday, February 20th


           10:00am Corny Crafts and Creature Comforts

Planting grains and taking care of animals were important jobs in a farming community like Plymouth. Join us for some “corny” crafts and enjoy a meet-and-greet with our special family of Rare Breed Animals.


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          2:00pm Craft Center Open House

          Spend the afternoon in our newly-renovated Craft Center and work alongside our artisans in clay, wax, and fiber!

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