Coloring Pictures

Have fun coloring these pictures – they show the many exhibits at Plimoth Plantation that you can visit. Some of the pictures feature Felix the Mayflower Kitten – that’s a character from a book called Felix and His Mayflower II Adventures. It was written by Peter Arenstam and illustrated by Ronnie Rooney. 

You are welcome to download and print these pictures for your own use or for use in the classroom. Commercial use is not allowed.

Mayflower Sails to Plymouth

Mayflower coloring book Plimoth PlantationClick Here to Print

Felix and the Flying Fish

Mayflower coloring book - Felix the Kitten
Click Here to Print

Felix Watches Mayflower Sail Away

Mayflower coloring book - Felix the Kitten Plimoth PlantationClick Here to Print

Felix Comes Home

Mayflower coloring book - Felix Comes Home - Plimoth PlantationClick Here to Print

 Wetu (Wampanoag House)

Coloring book - Wampanoag wetu - Plimoth PlantationClick Here to Print

Mishoon (Canoe)

 Coloring Book - Wampanoag mishoon canoe - Plimoth PlantationClick Here to Print

 Pilgrim Village

 Coloring book - Pilgrim Village at Plimoth PlantationClick Here to Print

Mayflower at Sea

Coloring book - Mayflower sails - Plimoth PlantationClick Here to Print


There are lots of fun things to see and do at Plimoth Plantation!  


We have Mayflower II  – that’s a ship that was built in England in 1957. It was made to look just like Mayflower, the ship that came to Plymouth in 1620, and when you come to Plimoth Plantation you can visit the reproduction ship, and explore all the decks – even down below where the Pilgrims traveled! You might meet a sailor from the 17th century, or speak to a modern person who knows all about the ship! 

We have the 17th-Century English Village  – it looks just like Plymouth did in 1627, when it was called Plimoth Plantation! When you visit the village you meet all sorts of Colonists – the ones we call Pilgrims! They are dressed just like people in 1627, and talk just like people in 1627, and only know about history up to the year 1627. They are cooking, planting, working, and taking care of animals just like the animals that came over from England in the 17th century. What a great way to learn about the Pilgrims who first came here – meeting one of them and seeing how they lived! 

We also have the Wampanoag Homesite – it looks like a Wampanoag (Eastern Native) family’s homesite in 1627. A man named Hobbomock lived near the Pilgrims with about 10 family members, and this area looks like their home might have looked. Here you can meet real Native People, who are dressed like the Wampanoag in 1627, but they can talk to you like a modern person. You can ask them all about the Wampanoag and the Pilgrims, or about being a Native person today.

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